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Angela xx


  1. Dan

    I recently celebrated my birthday with this wonderful lady. Most memorable birthday in a while, that’s for sure. Angela is a warm, intelligent, funny, and of course, downright beautiful, sexy woman who you wish you’d met a long time ago. While I’m not one to kiss and tell, I can say I was very satisfied by the end of our rendezvous.

    I will definitely be visiting her again. I can’t recommend this remarkable woman enough.

    • Dan

      I’ve seen this wonderful woman three times in the last six months now, and each time the experience has been intimate, genuine, relaxing, and rewarding. I would definitely see her more often if I could.

  2. Max

    I recently had the pleasure of meeting Angela @ her lovely Sydney apartment. From the minute I met this beautiful lady I was treated like a king.

    Angela has a beautiful face, she is warm and intelligent with great sense of humour and a most magnificent set of bosoms.

    Our intermit time together was extremely exiting with Angela showing both warmth and care to ensure our time spent together was both stimulating and of course satisfying (for both of us).

    I will most certainly be making time to ensure I get to see this beautiful and super sexy lady again.


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